I’m Nico Pearleyes, freelance illustrator currently working and living in Paris, France.

I’m available to work and collaborate on various projects. Feel free to contact me on social medias or send me a message in the get in touch section if you have any request. I’d be glad to exchange with you!

Also I am interested with environmental issues. They deserve a better exposure to the public and I believe visual arts can contribute a lot here. So if you have any project related to human ecology, environmental health, sustainability, biodiversity, or even anthropology, please contact me.

Artist Statement

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes..”
Starting from this idea of Marcel Proust, I paint with new eyes and reinvent shapes and atmospheres. These new eyes produce images that seem taken from parallel worlds. The subjects of my paintings are often usual but play with modes of representation and question the concept of otherness. They bring out feelings of the unknown. Drawing inspiration on traditional arts, science-fiction or esotericism, the result is paradoxical: to discover the world with new eyes, one can first imagine it on paper, by creating images that imbue us with unfamiliar ideas, feelings and perspectives.

This process originates from a questioning on the nature of reality and what makes reality intelligible and “known”. For, while the real voyage of discovery comes from our outlook, our experience of things is shapeable. As a scientist who, by reflecting in new ways, reveals hidden aspects of reality, we, artists or humans, are completely free to model the “known”, not the things in themselves, but their meaning and our experience of them.


  • « Power in Numbers 7 », group show, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, California, September 3rd – 4th
  • Selected artist for Ilustrofest, a Festival of Illustration and an outdoor exhibition organized by Aha Magazin in Belgrade, Serbia, July 14th – 22nd
  • « Athens open art » group exhibition, curated by Art Number 23 gallery, July 8th – 14th
  • « Artrepreneur: curated », Collective Exhibition, Equity Gallery, NY – March 2 to March 5, 2022
  • Honorable Mention for the best book cover open call alongside 4 other artists. Open Call organized by Artrepreneur.com. November 2021
  • Invited Artist at Cluster London Fair – September 2021

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